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Our Featured Devices

These are some of the hearing devices we love. Healthy Hearing Now offers something for everyone.

Cros B Healthy Hearing

Phonak Cros B

The wireless CROS device enables clients with Single-Sided Deafness (SSD) to follow conversations from wherever they come from. CROS B can focus on a single voice in a crowd and reduce background noise, thanks to StereoZoom (combine it with a B70 or a B90 for best performance). As a result, it streams less noise to the hearing aid on the other side, improving speech understanding.

Phonak Audéo™ B-R

When you can enjoy 24 hours* of hearing with one simple charge, life is on. The comprehensive RIC portfolio, including the new rechargeable hearing aid for mild to severe hearing loss, is designed to simplify your clients’ lives while providing an exceptional hearing experience, regardless of their whereabouts.

Phonak Virto B-Titanium - Healthy Hearing

Virto B-Titanium

Virto B-Titanium is the smallest Phonak custom hearing aid. Made from medical grade titanium, it is super discreet, durable and light weight.With a significantly thinner shell and 60% smaller electronic components, we are able to reduce the size of Virto B-Titanium by up to 26% compared to its predecessor.

Outstanding Device Features

Directional Speech Detector 
Offers best-in-class speech-over-noise values and operates on a whole new platform, providing a superior, automatic response in even the most challenging environments.

Acoustic Signature
You will experience a brand new kind of environmental sound management. Because Rhapsody immediately identifies and classifies the statistical properties of different sounds, switching is completely unnoticeable.

Data Logging System
Records the hearing aids use information and makes recommendations for fitting adjustments via Inspire OS, including evaluation of non-active features.

Extreme Compression Flexibility 
Uses data-driven fitting protocols designed to maximize speech audibility for all frequencies.

Multimemory Functionality
Offers up to seven environmental response choices within Inspire OS. An innovative design offers two-memory switch less selections, standard on Rhapsody 800 and 1200 models.

Direct Audio Input Compatibility
Comes with ELI provides a stylish, wireless, hands-free interface with Bluetooth devices.

Dynamic Indicator Tones
Adaptively change intensity based on ambient noise levels. Programmable frequency adjustments are available for memory selection, standby, volume control, low battery and telephone mode.

Bluetooth Technology
A wireless communications system intended to replace the cables connecting many different types of devices, from mobile phones and headsets to heart monitors and medical equipment.

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