About Us

We are an independent, locally-owned practice.

This means that we are not influenced by manufacturer contracts or sales incentives. We will recommend the hearing aid that is best for your hearing loss and listening needs. Period. Chris Maher, M.Ed., BC-HIS, and Healthy Hearing Now is proud to celebrate over ten years of providing excellence in hearing loss treatment. Chris has a masters degree in education and is a nationally board certified hearing instrument specialist. His focus as an expert in the industry is on treating hearing loss and helping people get the maximum clarity possible to communicate.


Attention and Care

We take the extra time to get to know each patient and customize their treatment plan to their unique hearing needs. We allot extra time to thoroughly explain your test results and answer any questions you may have to ensure you are comfortable with operating and cleaning your hearing devices independently. Our staff is highly trained and consistently participates in educational conferences to maintain the highest level of expertise in the industry.


Cutting Edge Technology

We take pride in providing the latest in digital hearing aid technology. However, hearing aids are only as good as they are programmed and this is our specialty. We take real-ear measurements during the fitting process to calibrate the hearing aids for the shape & size of your ears, then we program the hearing aids for your degree of hearing loss – which makes a big difference in the accuracy of the fitting. We also have a surround-sound hearing aid programming room which allows us to simulate sounds in your everyday listening environment when we are programing devices. Devices features can include: Rechargeable and or Bluetooth enabled; connect to your cell phone or tv for incredible hearing!


Healthy Hearing Now believes that hearing should be affordable for every budget. We offer a wide selection of technology with a variety of financing options including interest free up to twelve months for qualified applicants, nine months based on approved credit, or payments as low as $34 a month.

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